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SUMMER math reasoning course is now OPEN

Classes will remain open until filled by qualified students.

(Session I only) : July 10 – July 21 (9 AM - 12 Noon) 

Vern Williams 

Class Size:
12-15 students


Meridian High School

121 Mustang Alley

Falls Church, VA 22043



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Mclean, VA 22101

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This course is mainly for rising seventh and eighth graders who are able to grasp abstract and complicated mathematical concepts at a very fast pace. Younger students with exceptional mathematical ability and backgrounds may enroll with special permission. Material covered will include topics from number theory, Euclidian and non-Euclidian geometries, Picks Theorem, Herons Formula, Mathematical proof, transcendental real numbers such as "e" and "pi" , derivation and use of the square root algorithm, unitary divisors, permutations and combinations, derivation and use of summation formulas, and RSA coding. In addition, students will develop new techniques and short cuts for solving both routine and difficult math problems taken from Mathcounts, AMC8, and other middle and high school contests.

Students who qualify for programs such as CTY (Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth) or EPGY (Stanford’s Education Program for Gifted Youth) should have an excellent experience taking this course. An AMC 8 score of 15 or higher should also serve as an excellent predictor of success in the course. If a student has not taken the AMC 8 contest (40 minutes for 25 problems, no calculator), previously given ones can be found on the Art of Problem Solving website at: ( Of course if a student is a strong member of his/her school Mathcounts team, that indeed serves as an excellent predictor of success in the Math Reasoning course.